Doggie Bath Time

Hi internet! I am Brynn. I have two great loves: the great outdoors and furry companions! I have one pet right now, and she is the greatest dog ever. Her name is Sydney and she is a four-year-old Australian shepherd. She is so funny, fluffy, and fun! Spoiling her is probably my very favorite thing to do. On my blog, I’m going to tell you all about the things I do with Sydney and how to have a happy and healthy pet — free from negativity, chemicals, and all kinds of harsh things! I am a strong advocate of all natural for everyone in the family. In time, you will get on board when you hear the difference it makes.

Guess what is for today? Something my precious pet adores: a bath at home. Like most dogs of any breed or size, she doesn’t relish a long ride in a car to a distant destination. She doesn’t fancy the folks at the groomers nor the smells of their bathing products. Not to mention all the scary sights and sounds. I have found a way around this problem by taking care of the matter in the comforts of my own home. You can find natural shampoos in specialty stores or make your own using recipes from Facebook. You can experiment to find which additives appeal to your pet. Some dogs like scents and a lot of foam, and others don’t. Also, since some animals don’t take to a long time under the faucet, the product must be easy to rinse off—and quick.

If you have ever made your own shampoo, you know that you can do it for your dog. There are a few minor adjustments here and there in ingredient ratios, and the outcome will be pleasing and agreeable. Sometimes it is no nice that the critter loves to linger for a time. I hope you have a good water heater to provide a nice session. I happen to have a gas model that works wonders whatever Sydney needs. All you need is the perfect place for the size of your pet. It could be a tub, shower, outside patio, or side yard. The time of year, of course, matters. When it is freezing with sinking temperatures, she loves her ablutions, all provided by yours truly.

In the heat of spring and summer, a bit of a cool dousing is a relief. Then the gas water heater gets a rest. The neighborhood kids love to come watch. Sydney has been known to make a spectacle of herself. Any season, any location, any time: a doggie bath is a great way to bond with your pet.